Reliable Extermination Services Offered by a Reputable Pest Control Company in Bridgeport, CT

Getting pests out of your property permanently can be a difficult task that most people aren’t able to achieve. With Pinnacle Pest Management BPT, you can get all those pesky bugs and critters off your home and live a convenient life. We are a trusted pest extermination company based in Bridgeport, CT and we provide services such as bed bugs, roaches, and termite services. Take advantage of our extermination services today and experience a property free from pests.

Pest Control

Pest Control

Termite Removal

Having pesky termites in your house can be really annoying. They’ll damage areas of your home that are made of wood, which can cost you in terms of repairs. Our termite inspection services will let you know whether termites are present or not and if they are we will get rid of all of them.

Cockroach Removal

We can all agree that roaches are one of the most hated pests in the plant, you also don’t like the idea of flying roaches inside your home, then our cockroaches extermination services will provide a solution.

Bedbug Removal

If you worried about having bed bugs in your home or already experiencing an infestation, then referring to our bed bugs treatment services will remove all bed bugs from your home and make sure none will come back to for another infestation.

Spider Removal

Having a fear of spiders are common to a lot of people, but if you don’t plan to face your major fear yet, then hiring our pest control services will definitely remove all creepy crawlies out of your home permanently.

Mice Removal

If mice are what annoys you the most, then our rodent control experts are ready to get all those annoying mice exterminated immediately.

Other Services

We also provide a rat removal service, where we make sure all rats, no matter their size, will be exterminated completely from your property.

You can turn to us at Pinnacle Pest Management BPT today by calling our office located in Bridgeport, CT area. For clients living in Easton CT just dial (203) 349-3128 to reach us directly.

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