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Pest Control in Bridgeport, CTThere is a real problem in homes and commercial spaces, and that is related to pest infestation. The beauty of your personal or industrial property is compromised if it has been turned into a dwelling place of horrible pests. It’s no new knowledge that mice and other awful critters are living in homes today, indwelling in the hidden and dirty parts. If the problem is not addressed immediately, it may cause potential health threats. Pinnacle Pest Management BPT is the company you should seek to exterminate pests. Pest control is under control if you choose us today. If you are in Bridgeport, CT, check out our service today.

An infestation of rodents is a common problem in homes and businesses. They are destructive and are disease-causing pests. That said, mice removal is the only solution for this, and you should seek professional help to solve the problem.

Our approach to mouse control and removal is treated in a discreet way because we know that it is a sensitive issue. Our qualified technicians work with minimal disruption to your business operations or daily routines at home.

Our staff is trained and educated. We use professional-grade tools and materials in removing rodents. We have a team of professional exterminators who employ the use of effective mouse control solutions that are not harmful to humans. We make sure that the use of harmful chemicals is regulated. It is our principle to deliver our pest control service the safest way possible. We can’t afford to compromise the health of people living in the premises we are working in. Below are the general steps of our process.

SURVEY – Our experts will be with you to discuss the pest problem, and they will offer helpful recommendations. The scheduled date is always at a time most convenient to you. Contact us to get a free quote!

TREATMENT – Our certified pest specialist will come to your home on the scheduled date for the treatment. We have eco-friendly solutions that are not detrimental to the health of the people living around.

AFTERCARE – We do frequent visits after the treatment to check on the progress. Proper monitoring will be done by providing lasting solutions and prevention advice if the rodent problem persists.

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Pest control is made easier with Pinnacle Pest Management BPT. We are a reputable pest exterminator company in Bridgeport, CT. Don’t let pests invade your home and take away your peace of mind. Contact us at (203) 349-3128 today!

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