Is Your Shed Full of Pests?

Pest Control Technicians offer Valuable Information

Outdoor sheds present a great attraction to hundreds of pests. If you are not careful and clutter the place up, you will soon face a huge pest problem. Our professional local pest control company would like to warn you about these threats and advise you on how to keep all kinds of nasties out of your shed.

Go and perform a close inspection. Do you see cobwebs, dirt, and dust everywhere? Is the floor covered with logs and other wooden materials? They could be the perfect hiding place for roaches, ants, spiders, and rodents. To avoid the cost of pest extermination and issues with the structural integrity of your home, you have to first remove all the clutter and clean the entire area. By cleaning we don’t mean just sweeping the floor. You need to remove garbage and debris. Inspect all the small holes, cracks, and crevices for any pest presence. By eliminating the clutter and turning your shed into a well-organized place, you will clearly see what repairs you need to complete. Yes, this could be the shelter for your timber and plywood; however, they are like an open invitation to termites. Have in mind that numerous inspects and rodents will use the debris as a hiding place to build their nests. And once they settle down, it will be extremely difficult to kick them out.

So, apart from keeping the area clean and neat, you need to do the necessary repairs and seal all the cracks and holes in the shed’s structure. Like any building, it has a foundation, frame, and roof. Pay close attention for signs of termite, cockroach, or mice infestations. Occasional repairs and regular maintenance are a must.

If you live in Bridgeport, CT and need to protect your property and loved ones from a pest invasion, do not delay and get in contact with Pinnacle Pest Management BPT. Our company offers effective pest control with long-lasting final results. To ask any questions or for free estimates, you can reach us at (203) 349-3128.

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