Frequently Asked Questions

We often get asked some pressing questions about our pest control approaches and how we deliver great results. We have done our best to answer some of the most common questions on this page. If, however, you do not come across the necessary information you desire on this page, simply reach out to us at Pinnacle Pest Management BPT. We will make sure you are given comprehensive details that help you decide if we are the right fit for your requirements across the greater Bridgeport, CT area.

Why Is Pest Management and Control Important?

If you want to maintain a high level of health and hygiene, it is very important to ensure that you are never exposed to infestations. They can be the sole factor for infections running rampant across the property and if neglected, can start to cause ailments. Pest management and control is the best way to deal with such instances.

Do You Deal With Termites?

Yes. We have termite extermination offers that can provide you with thorough termite removal. It is very difficult to get rid of termites as even if a minute population of them is left behind, they can quickly reproduce, and the scale of the infestation can rise in no time.

Do You Provide Termite Inspections?

Yes. We have a team of trained professionals that are well aware of the telltale signs of an infestation. We can quickly spot early signs and make sure that you are given a heads-up as well as a reliable extermination treatment for the termites.

Do You Handle Cockroach Infestations?

Yes. As a pest management company, we handle a wide range of infestations which includes dealing with cockroaches. They are another source of potential diseases and can spread relatively quickly across a property. It is very important to exterminate them at the source of their colony to remove any future breeding and spreading.

What Are the Best Ways to Avoid Cockroaches?

To make sure that you are never dealing with a cockroach infestation, maintaining proper cleanliness levels is imperative. Make sure that there are no food particles that are left behind and there are no crumbs that are brushed under the rug. Open food sources attract cockroaches and make it possible for them to thrive on your property. Odds are that if you have one that you are seeing, there are a lot more that you aren’t.

Do You Provide Bed Bug Treatments?

Yes. As a reliable pest management company, we have figured out the right ways to deal with the menace of bed bugs. They are among the most persistent infestations to have and cannot be removed easily. A single bug left behind can be dangerous for anyone that is allergic. We have a series of approaches that we adopt depending on the scale of the infestation before us.

How to Remove Bed Bugs Completely?

Many have tried and many have failed. Some even suggest that the only way to get rid of bed bugs is to throw away the entire mattress. We don’t make such outlandish claims and suggest cleaning every corner of your bedding. Steam-wash your mattress and ensure that you use mattress covers. These can be a first line of defense against any potential bed bugs.

Do You Deal With Spider Infestations?

Yes. Our affordable pest management service also covers spiders, and we can ensure that your property is free of them with relative ease. Spiders are usually harmless, however, there are a few species out there that are very dangerous for both your family and your pets.

Do You Handle Rodent Infestations?

Yes. We cover rodent infestations of all scales and sizes and take these infestations very seriously. It is evident that rodents can spread life-threatening ailments and are the leading cause of some of the most deadly diseases across the globe. If you have a rodent infestation, we highly suggest not attempting to deal with it yourself and instead hiring experts like us.

Do You Provide Commercial Pest Management and Control?

Yes. No matter the scale of your commercial or industrial property, we can implement the pest management and control it requires. Our techniques and reliance on modern technologies allow us to be more comprehensive with our approaches and provide superior results.

How Experienced Are You in Pest Termination Industry?

We have been in the industry over the past 18 years and have come across a wide range of infestation levels. As professionals, we can be relied upon for tailor-made offers that fit your precise requirements.

How Expensive Can Pest Control Get?

The cost of the treatment can be entirely dependent on a few different factors. Some of them include the nature of the infestation as well the severity of the issue.

We hope that based on the questions answered above, you got all the necessary details that you were looking for and can now decide if we are the right fit for your requirements. If, however, you have more queries, simply reach out to Pinnacle Pest Management BPT at (203) 349-3128, and we will be happy to address all your concerns. Our work ethic and customer service have made us the trusted choice across the greater Bridgeport, CT area.

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